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Additional coverage Corona risk areas

  1. Additional coverage Corona risk areas

Updated: 27-03-2020

FAQ Coronavirus: what does this mean for your planned holiday?

The Dutch government recently announced new measures regarding the coronavirus. This may affect your booked holiday. In the next few days we will look at what the consequences will be for the bookings. Do you have a reservation with us? Keep an eye on this page. On this page we regularly post the latest information and the possibilities regarding already made bookings.

Bookings until 31 May 2020

All our guests who would leave for their holiday destination in the period up to 31 May 2020 can convert their holiday into a credit voucher of the exact value of the amount they have paid so far, excliuding the reservation costs. With this "Corona-voucher" our guests will continue to be assured that their already paid travel sum has been secured. The voucher can be redeemed until October 31st 2021.

Update: We have just been informed that our Dutch campsites will remain open, except De Papillon. They have taken several measures to ensure your safety. However, they have had to close several facilities on the campsite. (Think about catering; often it is possible to pick up.) What exactly these measures are and which facilities are closed can be found on the website or social media of the campsite itself.

What is the value of my voucher?

The value of the voucher can be the total amount of the booked holiday or a deposit excluding the reservation costs. The value depends on the amount you have already paid. We don't want you to have to make a final payment for a holiday that in all probability can't go ahead anyway; we can imagine that you would prefer to keep the money yourself. Of course, from now on you can also book a new holiday at Villatent with departure later this year and pay (partly) with the value of the voucher.

How do I receive my voucher?

If you want to convert your booking into a voucher, please email mailme@villatent.nl with your details and booking number. We will process your cancellation and you will receive a unique code by email which you can redeem until October 31st 2021. Please note: this is only possible for bookings whose departure date is before 1 June 2020!

What about holidays with a departure date from 1 June 2020? Can they continue?

Unfortunately we can't give you a definite answer on this, but we hope so of course. We do not (yet) write out vouchers for this. Do you still want to cancel your trip? Then the rules from our general terms and conditions apply. 

My vacation is about to start, but I'm going to a code Red / Orange area. What to do?

Is your holiday destination in an area that the Dutch government gives code Red or Orange for? Then Villatent has a special arrangement to make up for the holiday later. Conditions for this are: 

  • When code Red or Orange is called from 14 days before arrival in the area of the campsite you have booked, you can apply for a voucher. The code is based on the advice of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • This voucher has a value of the already paid part of the booked holiday.
  • The voucher can be used for a holiday with Villatent in 2020.
  • If the new period concerns a more expensive period, you will have to pay the difference.
  • When the new period is a cheaper period, there is no refund.
  • The voucher can be requested by mail. 
  • We will confirm the rebooking by mail.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us via mailme@villatent.nl

Rebooking your holiday 

At Villatent you can change your holiday up to 2 weeks before departure. Of course, there are a few rules attached to this. These are described in our general terms and conditions. Our free rebooking guarantee is valid for all holidays, at all campsites. 

༠ Rebooking can be done free of charge without giving any reason;
༠ Rebooking is possible up to a maximum of 2 weeks before the departure date;
༠ The rebooking guarantee applies to the entire booking;
༠ Rebooking is only possible if the holiday is available in the Villatent booking system at the time of booking;
༠ When the travel sum of the rebooked holiday is lower than the original reservation, the difference will not be refunded;
༠ If the price of the rebooked holiday is higher than the original booking, the difference will be settled with the renter;
༠ The duration of the stay must remain the same;
༠ Re-booking can only be done by telephone;
༠ We confirm the rebooking by mail.

Cancel your holiday free of charge with our "extra coverage guarantee".

We offer the option to cancel your holiday for €4.99 free of charge under the following conditions. In this way you don't run any financial risk and you can still enjoy the anticipation of your well-deserved holiday.

  • If from 14 days before arrival code red or orange is called in the area of the campsite you booked, you can count on a full refund of the cost of your booking. The code is based on the advice of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • This extra coverage only applies to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) This extra coverage can be booked easily and quickly in step 2 of the booking process and is only valid on bookings made as of March 9, 2020. 

Did you book your holiday before March 9th? At Villatent you always benefit from a free rebooking guarantee. 

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