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What is glamping?

  1. What is glamping?

What is glamping?

Glamping is the name for glamorous camping or glamour camping. During your glamping vacation, you will experience the charm of camping combined with the luxury of home! At your holiday destination, a fully decorated safari tent with all the comforts you need is waiting for you. The only thing you have to do is unpack your clothes and your tooth brush and enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

Did you know that…

The glamping trend originally comes from South Africa. In the beginning of the former century, a number of rich explorers from America and Europe travelled to Africa to study extraordinary wildlife. They were away from home for months, and stayed in luxurious safari tents so they did not have to miss out on the comforts of home.

Why glamping?

Does the word ‘camping’ evoke images of punctured air beds and cooking on a tiny gas stove? These days, there is a better way! If you go glamping, luxury and comfort have the ultimate priority! You sleep in a comfortable bed, you can drink fresh Nespresso coffee, and you can barbecue as a professional on the Outdoorchef. Have you opted for a safari tent with its own sanitary facilities? Then you don’t even have to walk across the camping area anymore to the sanitary building with your toilet roll and towel. It cannot get more glamorous than that!

Wat moet je meenemen?

What to bring with you?

Your clothes, your tooth brush and your good mood… that is all! In your fully decorated safari tent, you will find everything you need: plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, mugs and pans. Furthermore, also included are a Nespresso machine, a professional barbecue and a hammock. Do you want to know what items you should bring with you on your glamping holiday? You will read it in this blog.

Five reasons to go glamping

  1. The only items to bring with you are your clothes and your tooth brush. No more packing the car for days on end to discover later on that you forgot half of what you had planned to take with you…
  2. You can prepare a nice meal in the kitchen or on the professional Outdoorchef barbecue. Your meat and your other food? You can keep them in the refrigerator with freezer.
  3. You can leave the caravan at home, which means that you will no longer have to worry about the Route du Soleil! You will reach your destination a lot quicker.
  4. No more waking up at night on the ground because your air bed is leaking… you sleep in a comfortable bed of 90 x 200 cm with a real matrass.
  5. You park your car, you unpack your bags, and you watch other people struggling to pitch tents or caravans

5 redenen om te gaan glampen

  1. Je hoeft alleen je kleding en tandenborstel in te pakken. Geen dagen werk meer om de auto in te pakken en er op locatie achter te komen dat je de helft vergeten bent…

  2. Je kunt een lekkere maaltijd bereiden in de keuken of op de professionele Outdoorchef barbecue. Je vlees en etenswaren? Die bewaar je gemakkelijk in de koelkast met vriesvak.
  3. Je kunt de caravan thuislaten, waardoor je de Route du Soleil met een glimlach tegemoet kunt zien! Je bent een stuk sneller op locatie.
  4. Nooit meer midden in de nacht wakker worden op de grond, omdat je luchtbed lek is… je slaapt namelijk in een comfortabel bed van 90 x 200 cm met een echte matras.
  5. Je parkeert je auto, pakt je spullen uit en kunt toekijken hoe de mensen om je heen staan te ploeteren om hun meegebrachte tent of caravan op te zetten.