Croatia is one of the most versatile countries in Europe. The country is known as one of the best camping countries. Most campsites are located on the Adriatic coast and on the islands. There is 1778 kilometers of coastline and the country has many islands, national parks and nature parks. Croatia is known for its azure blue sea and beautiful waterfalls! The country has something to offer to sun lovers, camping enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. You will find an authentic atmosphere and traditions and there is a relaxed atmosphere.

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With its kilometer-long coastline, Spain is a perfect holiday destination if you like sun, sea and Spanish culture. It's the land of tapas, sangria, paella and the siesta! Enjoy a book on one of the beaches, stroll along the cozy boulevards, have a bite to eat in a restaurant with a view of the sea. Or find nightlife in the bustling seaside resorts of Blanes or Lloret de Mar. During your holiday on the Costa Brava, a visit to the metropolis of Barcelona can not be missed!

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The Netherlands

Also in the Netherlands, you can have a full holiday experience! Nowadays, an increasing number of Dutch people choose to spend their holidays or weekend outings in their own country. With its moorlands, woods, wide beaches, walking and cycling trails, lively cities, and cultural attractions, the Netherlands has a lot to offer. Breath in the fresh air, listen to the birds singing, and enjoy the sun. With its beautiful scenery, you will true peace and tranquillity in the Netherlands. And an additional advantage of spending your holidays in your home country is that you do not have to sit in the car for hours on end or wait in the queue at the airport.

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France is one of the most popular holiday destinations among the Dutch. The Burgundian life style, beautiful scenery, medieval castles, mountains, and wide beaches are true tourist attractions. Just a few hours driving from the Netherlands and you are in France, ready to enjoy its cities, its culture and its nature. Glamping in France? Our Villatents are located at high-quality campsites in different parts of this country. Close to home or in the far South…. It is all possible!

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Italy is a well-known holiday country with beautiful beaches and an interesting culture. With its picturesque villages, many mountains and lakes, scenic landscape and Italian kitchen, Italy has something for everyone. You can go to Italy for an active or a sports vacation, but you can also have a lovely time relaxing at the beach or by the swimming pool. Italy’s northern lakes are famous, like the Garda lake and Lago Maggiore. Less known, but certainly not less stunning, are Italy’s southern lakes, for example Trasimeno and Bracciano. La Dolce Vita, or the Good Life, that is what you will find in Italy!

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