What's in the Villatent Luxe?

Below is a brief overview of the interior that you can find in the Villatent Luxury. Also view the complete inventory list.

  • Double bed
  • A bunk bed and a separate folding bed
  • Kitchen with four-burner gas stove
  • Complete kitchen inventory
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Nespresso
  • Kettle
  • Two wicker chairs with side table
  • Scaffolding wooden table with two benches
  • Two lounge armchairs with all-weather cushions
  • Hammock with stand
  • Outdoor chef gas barbecue

Villatent Luxe

Optimal enjoyment of the great outdoors

Ease, luxury and comfort… that is what you find in our Villatents Deluxe! And this goes further than a nice tent and a good campsite. The Villatents are fully decorated and equipped, and the only thing that you have to do is to bring your clothes, your toilet bag and your good mood. Take a break from your daily routine and enjoy the peace or liveliness of the campsite, whatever is your preference. Our Villatents Deluxe are robust safari tents with a solid wooden frame. They are fully decorated for five persons and have a large indoor space of 25 m². Outside, you can have dinner or relax at the big table or in the comfortable armchairs. Their highest point reaching 3.3 metres, the tents are very spacious inside.

Two bedrooms

Our Villatents Deluxe have two nice bedrooms separated by a wall of scaffolding wood or (in some cases) tent-cloth. The bedrooms can be darkened by curtains. The master bedroom has a large four-poster bed for two persons, and the other bedroom a bulk bed plus a full-size folding bed. The beds are two metres long and suitable for both adults and children. You can keep your clothes in the large Villatent-cupboard in the tent’s living space.

“Wonderful, what a lovely tent! Château de l’Epervière is a top campsite with all the comforts you need. Great beds, nice coffee, super comfortable hammock, plenty of outdoor space, and everything was perfectly clean! And the children had lots of fun together with all their nice friends at the campsite. What a joy!” was the response of the Hest family.

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Villatent Luxe with sanitary XL

Villatent Luxe with sanitairy