About Villatent


The glamping specialist in the Netherlands

Villatent is the glamping specialist in the Netherlands. Glamping is a holiday and travel concept that combines luxury with the charm of camping. We as a tour operator make that combination with our fully equipped safari tents where convenience, luxury and relaxation are central. 

We rent out different types of safari tents: Villatent Wood, Villatent Outback, Villatent Nomad, Villatent Ranger, Villatent Cottage and Villatent Compact. Each and every one equipped with all modern conveniences. So you can experience your ultimate glamping holiday. 

The tents are all located on high-quality campsites in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. We select these campsites for their facilities, customer-friendliness and good Zoover and Google ratings and reviews. We enter into a long-term cooperation with the campsite and rent pitches where we pitch our tents. We take care of the rental of the tents and the campsite is there to welcome you during your holiday, answer questions and clean your tent.


About Villatent

As far as Villatent is concerned, your holiday fun is serious business! It is our job to have a fully decorated Villatent ready for you when you arrive at your holiday destination, with all the comforts you need. Your holiday starts the second we welcome you at your Villatent-campsite. Personal contact and service are central in our organisation. We make conscious choices in the fields of accommodation, location, and comfort. Glamping is an experience for young and old, and it is our goal to have as many people as possible enjoy its advantages. Would you like to be introduced to the Villatent-experience? Watch the below video and continue reading.

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Cornelia Izaks
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Patrick Stam
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