• Glamping = glamorous camping
  • Villatents in 5 European countries
  • Campsites with at least 3 stars

What is glamping?

Villatent is the perfect place to get acquainted with glamping. But what is glamping exactly? The word is simply a combination of two words, glamour and camping, or glamorous camping; in other words, the charm of camping with the luxury of home. Many people love being in the outdoors but find having to drag a tent along less appealing. In the past, it was perfectly normal for people to purchase a tent with everything in it and take it with them on holiday. Nowadays, more and more people want something different.  Take a glamping tent, for example: less cumbersome, less basic, and more luxurious. But still in the great outdoors, because that’s what makes holidays so relaxing. Glamping is the perfect way to meet those needs.


Why glamping makes for a relaxing holiday

One of the biggest pains of camping is transporting, pitching and breaking down your tent. The problem is, you don’t only have to take the entire tent with you but everything that goes in it as well. And arriving at your destination only to find you’ve forgotten something is more the rule than the exception. When glamping with Villatent, a fully furnished safari tent awaits you. And we’ve thought of everything for you: comfortable beds, luxury furniture and a fully equipped kitchen containing everything you need. All you need to remember to bring is your clothing and perhaps some towels. The ultimate way to spend a relaxing holiday!

The benefits of glamping

The biggest benefit of glamping is that gorgeous Villatent awaiting you upon arrival, with a private hammock and luxury barbecue! Dragging all your belongings with you on holiday is now a thing of the past. You can even choose a safari tent with a private bathroom, so you no longer have to hike across the campsite when nature calls. Glamping is the perfect combination of all the luxury you could possibly wish for at your fingertips while enjoying the outdoors to the full.


Experience glamping the way it should be at Villatent

At Villatent, it is our mission to provide you with a perfect holiday experience. And that holiday experience starts with deciding where you want to go. We will be happy to help you find the ideal campsite for your needs. Our Villatents are situated on campsites that are awarded at least 3 stars. This means that not only your tent is luxurious, but there is plenty to do on the campsite grounds as well. We also have various options available for holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet. With a fabulous Villatent as your home base, your glamping holiday will be a guaranteed success.

Book your glamping holiday today

Is your holiday incomplete without delicious French baguettes, or do you prefer Italian cuisine with its pasta and pizzas? You can find our Villatents all over Europe, but you don’t even have to look far to enjoy a glamping holiday. You will find Villatents in European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, CroatiaSpain, Slovenia and Germany. We have a suitable location for everyone. Book the glampsite that suits your needs and wishes today. Are you not sure yet? We will be glad to offer you personal advice because glamping with Villatent means a carefree holiday from start to finish.