Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

In the sections below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Is your answer not listed? Then use the search function in the main menu or contact us.

1. What is the maximum number of people allowed in a Villatent?

2. Can I add more towels

3. What is included in the bed linen package

4. What does the bed linen package cost?

5. What are the dimensions of the beds?

6. If you stay longer than a week, will the bed linen be changed?

7. What is included in the baby package

8. What does the baby package cost?

9. What should I bring to the tent?

10. Is there electricity in the tent?

11. Are the tents resistant to precipitation?

12. What inventory is in my Villatent?

13. What extras can I reserve when booking?

14. Can I bring an extra tent?

15. Can I bring my dog?

16. How can I make a reservation?

17. Can I make a booking with several families?

18. What are the arrival and departure days?

19. What are the arrival and departure times?

20. Do I pay a reservation fee?

21. What payment methods are available?

22. Will I receive a payment confirmation?

23. When should I make the down payment and final payment?

24. What about tourist tax?