Necessary items to bring with you on your glamping vacation

Necessary items to bring with you on your glamping vacation

Will you be going on a glamping vacation shortly, and are you staying in a Villatent? Then you may want to know what to bring with you from home. Of course, you would prefer to keep as much space as possible free in your suitcase for your summer clothes and your children’s toys. That’s just perfect, because in your Villatent, everything you need is provided for.

Advantage of a glamping vacation

The big advantage of glamping is that your tent is already fully equipped and decorated. From a cheese slicer to a cooking pan, it is all there! Are you curious to know which items are included? View the complete inventory list of the tent that you booked via Villatent LuxeVillatent Luxe with sanitary and Villatent Luxe with sanitary XL. Click on the white button ‘Complete List of Items’, which then opens in a pop-up screen.

In the tent, you will find a small welcome package containing a toilet roll, a refuse bag, a pouch of washing-up liquid for one day, a dishwashing brush, a kitchen towel, a box of matches, and a cleaning sponge. There are some items that you will have to bring yourself. Below we give you some useful tips!

Bed linen

The tents have comfortable beds with duvet covers and cushions. The bed linen is not included in the standard price, but can be additionally obtained for 15 euros per person. Please take into account that in some parts of France and Italy, sheets are used instead of the duvet covers as we know them in the Netherlands. Will you bring you own bed linen? Then bring one-person items: a fitted sheet for your matrass, a duvet cover and a pillow slip. The duvets’ format is 140 x 200 cm and the cushions have the standard size of 70 x 70 cm. Do you want to reserve extra bed linen? This is possible up to two days before the start of your holiday. Please inform us via 085 301 08 98 or send an email to

Nespresso capsules

After a long drive, a cup of fresh coffee tastes extra good! One of the standard items in our Villatents is a Nespresso machine. Note however, that in France Nespresso capsules are sometimes hard to come by. That is why we recommend you to bring your own capsules. You can also order them via Are you more of a tea drinker? No problem; the tent also has a water cooker.

Board games and toys

During your glamping holiday, you cannot do without a board game and a pack of cards. The tent’s veranda is the perfect place for a game with the whole family. Do you travel with children? There is plenty of entertainment at the campsite, but in the tents there are no toys. So, bring some from home, for example an inflatable ball, colour pencils, or a game such as Uno (for children from 3 years of age). Often, you can also buy toys at the campsite, such as a bucket and spades.

Baby package

Will you be travelling with a baby or a toddler and do you want to save space in the car? You can additionally book a baby package for € 3.50 per night. This package contains a camping bed with a matrass and an Ikea highchair. No bed linen is provided with the camping bed, and it cannot be reserved either. Each child has its individual preferences when it comes to blankets, cushions, sleeping bags, etc., so please bring these items yourself. Do you want to book a baby package? Contact us by telephone via +31 (0)85 301 08 98 or send an email to

Photo and video camera

Do not forget to bring your photo camera! All those fun holiday moments must be captured for later times. We would find it fantastic if you could share your ultimate holiday photo with us on Facebook, so that we can get a sense of your fun experiences. Oh, and did you absolutely love that hammock? If you share your photo, reaction, or review, you can win a real Villatent hammock to hang in your own back garden.

And last but not least, bring your good mood with you! A car journey can be stressful, and reading the map is not always easy. But remember, you are going on holiday! So enjoy the surroundings, the campsite and the people around you. Have a great vacation!