Glamping with your dog

Glamping with your dog

When you go glamping with your family, logically, you want to take your dog with you! In our Villatents and at the campsites where they are located, your four-legged friend is more than welcome. Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this topic, as well as some tips for a carefree glamping holiday with your dog.

What are the costs of taking my dog with me?

If you are staying in a Villatent, you pay € 5 per night per dog.

Glamping with your dog… what do I have to bring with me?

Our tents are fully accommodated for people, but have no facilities for dogs. Therefore, make sure to bring all necessary items for your dog. For example, a blanket or a basket, a leash, sufficient food, a water bowl, and poop bags.

At which campsite is my dog welcome?

At most campsites that have Villatents, your dog is more than welcome. The below link provides you with an overview of the campsites that allow dogs. When you make your reservation, you can also book for your dog.

What should I think of during the journey?

Will you be going by car to your holiday destination? Make sure that your dog has a comfortable place in the car, and watch the temperature during your drive. Also make sure that your dog drinks sufficiently during the journey, because due to heat, travel stress and the air conditioning system, the air in the car can dehumidify. Are you stopping somewhere for the night? Always inform whether dogs are allowed at this location and what the additional costs are.

What documents and vaccinations does my dog need?

Some countries have extra import requirements, for example a treatment against parasites, a blood test, or a muzzle in public places. You can find the import requirements on the website of the Landelijk InformatieCentrum Gezelschapsdieren – LICG (National Information Centre Pet Animals) via To cross the border, your dog also needs a European passport in which it is stated that it was vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days prior to your departure.

Is it compulsory to chip my dog?

Your dog must have a chip in order to cross the border. Check prior to your departure whether your contact information in the data base is still up-to-date via, so that you can be reached if your dog gets accidentally lost.

Glamping met je hond

What are the campsite’s rules?

Each campsite has its own rules with respect to walking a dog and whether it has to be kept on a leash. Address the reception or the website for these rules. In general, you have to keep your dog on a leash, while its behaviour should not cause any inconvenience to the other campsite guests.

Make sure that your dog is prepared for situations that may occur at the campsite, such as playing children or people passing the tent at night. Furthermore, the campsite is not meant as a dog’s lavatory. So, you are kindly requested to have a poop bag with you. We wish you a great and glamorous glamping holiday with your dog!