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Glamping in the Netherlands

  1. Glamping in the Netherlands
  1. Luxury safari tents in the Netherlands
  2. Suitable for 6 people
  3. Located on high quality campsites

Glamping in the Netherlands

For a luxury holiday you are in the right place in the Netherlands, because glamping in the Netherlands is possible in various places. In a Villatent, you experience the luxury of home with the tranquillity of the outdoors. Are you already familiar with glamping and would you like to know where you can stay in one of our amazing Villatents in the Netherlands? Or do you want to know what makes a glamping holiday so unique? We will be happy to tell you all about it. And let’s begin with one of the greatest benefits: The Netherlands is easily accessible, both by car, by train or by plane and everything is close by. We have already selected several excellent campsites for you where you can experience all the advantages of glamping in the Netherlands.


Experience the outdoors during your holiday in a Villatent

It is one of the biggest questions you need to answer when deciding where to go on holiday: are you going camping or are you going to rent a house? When you choose to rent a home, your accommodation has all the mod cons. Still, you often miss that outdoorsy feeling, especially for people who enjoy camping but don’t feel like lugging the tent with them this summer. Glamping in the Netherlands is an ideal solution for this group of holidaymakers. Because a Villatent glamping tent is basically a real tent, allowing you to experience that camping feeling – but without the leaky air mattress.

Glamping in the Netherlands: the ideal family holiday

Various factors make a holiday in the Netherlands the perfect destination for the entire family. First of all, the Netherlands is easily accessible by car, by train and by plane. Bysides, beautiful nature reserves, sights and amusement parks are always close by in this small country. It is excellent for hiking and cycling. Moreover, our tents are always situated on child-friendly campsites with plenty of fun activities. Whether you’re looking for the perfect campsite for young children or are looking for entertainment for teenagers, you will be sure to find the ideal Villatent for a fantastic holiday in the Netherlands.

Which campsites can you book for your glamping holiday in the Netherlands?

Are you looking for a beautiful location in the Netherlands to enjoy the ultimate glamping experience? You will find Villatents at locations across the Netherlands. What about a five-star campsite with an indoor swimming pool, for example? Stay in a luxury Villatent with private bathroom in Overijssel. You will also find Villatents in the southernmost reaches of the country. In the area between Valkenburg and Maastricht, you can experience true glamping in the Netherlands, even if it does sometimes feel as if you’re spending your holiday abroad.
And you don’t need to look far for beautiful recreational lakes either, such as the fine lake near Camping Betuwestrand. The many activities organised on and around the water make this campsite perfect for families with teenagers. But cycling enthusiasts and families with younger or older children can indulge themselves at this campsite in Gelderland too! Are you a nature lover? You will also find our luxury glamping tents on the outskirts of de Veluwe, the Netherlands’ largest nature reserve. Besides the gorgeous natural surroundings, there are plenty of facilities available for a fabulous holiday. For example, you can go for a swim in the indoor and outdoor pools, play a game of tennis, throw a few strikes at the bowling alley, or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant.

Going on holiday with the best service available

At Villatent, only the best is good enough for our guests. Do you have any questions about booking a campsite or would you like personal advice about finding a suitable campsite? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We know exactly which campsite suits your needs for the perfect holiday. And while you’re on holiday, you can always count on the finest service. All our campsites have friendly staff available to help you with questions about the area or your Villatent. 

Carefree holidays with Villatent

When is your holiday a success? When you go back home feeling completely rested. And we at Villatent will do our very best to make that a reality. You don’t need to worry about anything during a luxury glamping holiday in the Netherlands. Your tent contains everything you need for the perfect holiday. And there is plenty to see and do on our carefully selected campsites as well as the surroundings. A holiday in our safari tents always feels like home. Will you be discovering the joys of glamping in the Netherlands this holiday season?

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