Glamping with children

  1. Glamping with children

Glamping with children

You know how it is, children like to run about. And what you like to see is: children running about having fun and laughing, doing sports or playing an exciting game, or enthusiastically on their way to the swimming pool or to another activity. It is the youthful enthusiasm that you often see at campsites during the summer months. And this is not surprising, because camping is simply super fun, both for the children and with the children! Glamping with children? Certainly! 

Children-friendly campsites

Having a lovely and relaxed time and watching your children enjoy themselves with new friends, either with or without the supervision of the entertainment team. I ask you, isn’t that the ultimate sense of vacation and happiness? And if upon your arrival you do not have to bother about pitching and arranging your tent after a long journey, you are experiencing true glamping. The ideal combination of camping and luxury. So, from now on camping will be just a piece of cake for you! Click here for all campsites suitable for young children.


Five advantages of glamping with children

  1. Our campsites are children-friendly; they have been selected accordingly. We have campsites for young children, but also for teenagers! There is something for everyone, and each campsite has its specific advantages and facilities.
  2. Your vacation starts immediately upon arrival, because your completely equipped and decorated Villatent is waiting for you.
  3. The Villatents are often positioned in groups, so there are always other children around. In our choice of campsites, one of our criteria is that there are Dutch guests, so the children can quickly make new friends.
  4. Since most children prefer being outside as much as possible, camping is ideal for them. They can be outside the whole day doing what they love the most: running around, playing games, having water balloon fights. And all that fresh air makes them sleep really well!
  5. During the high season, the entertainment team organises fun activities for both young and older children on a daily basis.
Click here for all campsites suitable for young children.

Nearest child-friendly campsites in France(3)


Ardèche camping | Villatent Wood | 5 pers.

France, Ardèche, Privas

    Le Nauzan Plage | Villatent Outback | 5 Pers.

    France, Charente-Maritime, Vaux-sur-Mer

      Le Lac Bleu | Villatent Nomad | 6 Pers.

      France, Drôme Provençale, Châtillon en Diois