Top 5 outings in Brittany

  1. Top 5 outings in Brittany

Top 5 outings in Brittany

At the most western point of France, you find Brittany, a highly popular touristic region in France. This scenic district has multiple touristic attractions. You can enjoy its culture in one of the historic cities or find peace and tranquillity at the beach. At the coast, you can admire the beautiful rocky shorelines and visit the picturesque villages. Beach lovers as well as fans of sports activities or cultural events can have a great time in Brittany! The Villatents in this region are located at campsites Domaine du Logis and Château de Galinée. In this blog, we will introduce you to 5 best outings in Brittany.

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Domaine du Logis | Luxe 5 Pers.

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    Domaine du Logis | Villatent Nomad | 6 Pers.

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      Château de Galinée | Villatent Nomad | 6 Pers.

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        1. Mont Saint-Michel

        Just off the coast of Normandy lies one of the most famous building structures and tourist attractions of France: Mont Saint-Michel. A mysterious peninsula with a large abbey that can be seen from far. From wherever you look, you can see the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, which forms a magical spectre. Sand, sea, and air share the horizon. With almost four million visitors each year, Mont Saint-Michel is a true eye catcher.

        In earlier times, this peninsula could only be reached by foot during the ebb tide. Nowadays, however, a large bridge for pedestrians has been built to welcome the tourists to the small island. This extraordinary location has been added to the World Heritage List of Unesco, and is certainly worth a visit!

        2. Brocéliande

        Have you ever heard of the legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone? The venue of this legend is the magnificent wood of Brocéliande. An enchanted forest, that is what this beautiful wood could be called. The Forêt de Paimpont, or the Brocéliande, is with its surface of 9.000 hectares a wonderful place for walks and hiking expeditions. The villages and towns around the forest fully benefit from the well-known legends of Merlin the sorcerer, knight Lancelot, and fairy Vivianne. Especially during spring and autumn, the wood gives off an atmosphere of mystery and fairy tales. What can also be found in the Brocélinade, is the Tombeau de Merlin, a remnant of what once was a dolmen, and the Fontaine de Bareton, a water spring that is an element in the legends of Merlin and Arthur.

        3. Alligator Bay

        If you go on vacation to Northern Brittany with your children, a visit to Alligator Bay in Beauvoir is highly recommended. Located at just a stone’s throw away from Mont Saint-Michel, this animal park with more than 800 reptiles is an exciting experience for both young and old! Here you find the largest number of crocodiles and alligators of Europe, all living in a huge covered hall, where their natural habitats have been replicated as precisely as possible. Outside, you find more than 400 turtles, of which a few are walking about freely so that you can have a closer look at them, which is especially nice for children. Furthermore, there are terraria with iguanas, chameleons, lizards, snakes and monitor lizards, which you can watch at eye height. Do you want to have a truly unique outing? Come to Alligator Bay; it is absolutely worth the visit. View some photos of Alligator Bay below.

        Number four in this top 5 of Brittany outings is Carnac. With more than 2,000 sun hours a year, Carnac is situated at the sunniest coast of Brittany! In Carnac, you can watch the famous menhirs (French for ‘a large stone’), used by the prehistoric tribes for making stone formations. These formations are among the most remarkable clusters of vertically positioned stones in the world. No less than 3,000 menhirs are placed all across the moorlands in straight lines of about 1 kilometre long. These megaliths can best be admired under the morning or evening sun. They became known through the comic books of Asterix and Obelix, but have existed from as early as 5,000 to 3,000 years before Christ, which is long before the Gauls.

        Another tourist attraction is the city centre, where everyone comes together on market days. Both the centre and the outer skirts of Carnac are glamorous. With its mansions, pine trees and five large beaches, Carnac is a very popular bathing resort. Carnac’s Grande Plage of 2 kilometres long is an impressively spacious beach. The only thing left to do here is to surrender to the lifestyle!

        5. Beaches of Brittany

        Although one would not directly associate Brittany with beach holidays, its beaches with their fine sand are among the most beautiful ones in Europe! They surely match the beaches at the Côte d’Azur, Normandy and De Languedoc. And don’t forget the pink granite rocks alongside Brittany’s coast. Together with the beaches and old buildings, they form a magnificent spectacle. Through the interaction between the wind and the sea water, the rocks can sometimes take bizarre forms. Anywhere you are in Brittany, the coast is never far away. View photographs of Brittany’s most beautiful beaches on ‘’.