With the ferryboat to Elba

With the ferryboat to Elba

Are you going to Elba soon with the ferryboat? Perhaps, you will be staying in one of our Villatents at Campsite Casa dei Prati. In this blog, we would like to tell you how this works and what Elba has to offer.

About Elba

With its size of 224 km2, Elba is (with Sicily and Sardinia) the second-largest island of Italy. In total, Elba has about 31,000 residents, of which approximately 12,000 live in the main capital Portoferrario. Other large towns on Elba are Marciana Marina, Campo Nell’Elba, Capoliveri and Rio Marina. Elba also has a small airport named Marina di Campo. However, there are no direct flights from Schiphol to this airport, while its flights are quite expensive.

The ferryboat to Elba

The ferryboat to Elba departs from the coastal town of Piombino, about 1400 kilometres from Utrecht. From Piombino you leave for Portoferraio, the port of Elba. If you have booked a Villatent with us, you can use the discount code prati2020 for the ferryboat. With the discount code, you can book the boat trip online via

Please note: if you have a discount code, the date and time are fixed! Are you not sure at what time you will arrive? Then you can also buy a ticket at Piombino. We recommend to do this straight away and not wait until you have reached the port. There are two ticket suppliers for the ferryboat to Elba: Toremar and Moby. The price depends upon the number of persons and the size of the car.

Elba ferry

Things to do on Elba

Elba is sometimes called ‘the forgotten pearl’… it is the largest island of the Tuscany Archipelago. It has a beautiful nature, impressive mountains and a scenic coast line. The island is perfect for activities such as water sports, walking, hiking, cycling, and mountain biking. Furthermore, you can take a cableway to the top of the Monte Capanne mountain, where the view is astonishing. The sea water has an azure colour, and is perfect for diving and snorkeling lovers. There are several places on the island where you can dive under supervision.

Camping Casa dei Prati

Campsite Casa dei Prati

At the beautiful island of Elba, you can reside in a Villatent at campsite Casa dei Prati. This campsite is situated at the bay of Lacona, at about 10 minutes walking distance from the beach. The campsite has a nice outdoor pool, where during the high season you can attend dynamic aqua gym lessons. Casa dei Prati is a quiet, pleasant campsite where you can hire a Villatent Luxe with or without sanitary facilities.