Early or last-minute booking?

Early bird or last-minute?

Early or last-minute booking?

The early booking season has started. Until the end of January 2019, you will receive a 10% early booking discount on your Villatent vacation. Are you an early or a last-minute booker? Do you enjoy the anticipation or do you prefer a little bit of last-minute stress? Whatever you are planning to do this year, we have some important tips for you. 

A one-week or a three-week holiday

Do you want to go on holiday for one week or for three weeks? The length of your vacation is important in the choice of an early or a late booking. For a one-week holiday, booking late is usually not such a problem. If you want to stay longer, however, booking early is highly recommended. Then you are sure that you will be able to spend your three-week holiday on the same campsite. If you book later, then you might have to combine several campsites. We are happy to assist you with these reservations.

Popular campsites in 2018

Although all our campsites are popular, there were a few last year that were fully booked in a shorter period of time than the rest. Examples are Les Pêcheurs, with its perfect location in the Côte d’Azur region, Le Canigou in the South of France, which is entirely focussed on teenagers, Camping Village Cavallino, which is directly situated nearby the beach and the beautiful city of Venice, or De Vaubarlet, uniquely situated in the green valley. But also in Italy there are campsites that already have been fully booked for some weeks now, such as Punta Navaccia at the Trasimeno lake, and Casa dei Prati on the scenic isle of Elba!


Children? Book early!

If you go on holiday with children, you are bound to the busy school holidays. The popular destinations for families with children, for example Domaine du Logis, Les Bois du Bardelet, Ardèche Camping or La Garenne, are often fully booked early. Are you going on holiday with children and do you have specific wishes about the swimming pool, having slides or animation? Then early books are definitely recommended.

School holidays 2019

Most people go on holiday during the summer holidays. That is why these are the most booked weeks! Early booking is really a must in these weeks. Are you not bound to the school holidays? Then take a look at the weeks before or after the holiday.

Give your preference!

If you book on time, you can inform us of your preference for a specific spot on the campsite or tent number. Useful if you go on holiday with friends or family and want to stay side by side. If you want to rent two (or more) Villatents next to eachother, early booking is definitely recommended. The passing on of a preference does not offer any guarantees, but where possible we are happy to take this into account for you.

A nice long anticipation!

You can look forward to the holiday for a long time … that is one of the best reasons to book early. While it’s raining or freezing, take a look at your sunny Villatent photos and photos of the campsite. You have plenty of time to prepare your holiday, to read in and to pick out the best trips. In addition, you have plenty of time to inform your boss and colleagues, arrange transport or arrange a babysitter for pets and plants. On the other hand, it sometimes takes months before you actually find yourself in that nice Villatent hammock …

Depositing and saving

If you book your Villatent longer than six weeks before departure, you pay 30% of the travel sum. We would like to receive the remaining amount six weeks before you leave. You then have the time to save or wait until your holiday allowance is received, before you pay the full amount. If you book within six weeks before departure, we will gladly receive the full amount in one go. Are you an early booker? Then we advise you to take out cancellation insurance yourself. You are then insured for unexpected (health) problems or family circumstances.

Last minute offers

There are less and less cheap lastminutes than a few years ago. Nevertheless, it can happen that a holiday is offered cheaper a few weeks before departure than for which early bookers have booked. You then have no right to a refund, it is simply the risk that you walk if you are there early. Is it possible to know at the last minute where the holiday is going? If you do not have problems with stress, then last minute books are for you.

Five advantages of early booking

  • You are guaranteed a spot on your favorite campsite.
  • The anticipation can start now!
  • You can pass a preference for a place.
  • Pay only 30% and pay the rest six weeks before departure.
  • Benefit from a 10% early booking discount until the end of January.

Whether you are an early booker or a last-minute booker, we are happy to give you personal advice. Can we help you find a suitable campsite? Please contact us via +31 (0)85 301 08 98 or You can also chat with us on weekdays!