Hiring a fully decorated tent: the five advantages

Hiring a fully decorated tent: the five advantages

Have you ever travelled to France or Italy with your own tent or caravan? Then you must have at some point noticed these highly luxurious safari tents. And have you ever wondered about the advantages of such tents? If you are a lover of camping combined with luxury, this blog may certainly interest you. It will tell you the five advantages of camping in a tent that is fully decorated and equipped.

1. Your holiday starts immediately after your arrival

You may know how it is…. Having spent more than ten hours in the car, the first thing you have to do when you arrive at your holiday destination is pitching your tent. You start looking for that ideal spot, only to discover that your tent’s floor is damaged, that you have too little tent pegs, and that it is getting dark already.

This all lies in the past when you hire a decorated tent, which will be waiting for you at your beautiful holiday destination on a fixed campsite space. Upon your arrival, the only thing you have to do is to unpack your cloths and groceries, and ready you are to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. That is, it starts already in the car of course!

2. A decorated tent has all the comforts you need

Our Villatents are fully equipped and have all the conveniences you need. Comfortable beds, lounge seats, a table with benches, plates, cutlery, glasses, pans, paring-knifes, soup bowls… almost everything that you use at home is present at our decorated tents. Including necessary equipment such as a Nespresso machine, a water cooker, a refrigerator, a stove, and an Outdoor-chef barbecue. Does this sound as music to your ears? Then a decorated tent is just the thing for you!

3. Comfortable beds

Getting extra sleep and resting, isn’t this what your holiday should be all about? Our Villatents have very comfortable beds (mostly box springs) of high quality. The matrasses are 80 or 90 cm in width and 2 metres long, while the beds have duvets and hotel cushions. Waking up with pain in your back on a broken airbed…. This is now a thing of the past! Are you fond of an afternoon nap? You can lay down confortably in your Villatent hammock.

4. A bathroom in your tent

If you hire a Villatent Luxe with sanitary of a Villatent Luxe with sanitary XL, you will no longer have to carry your toilet roll and bath towels across the campsite! These luxurious Villatents are equipped with an entire bath room, including shower, washing table and toilet with toilet seat. You have sufficient privacy and always fresh and hygienic sanitary appliances. In the bathroom there is a mirror where you can adjust your make-up or blow dry your hair. Also in the kitchen, you have running water. So you can do your dishes in the tent.

4. Genoeg ruimte voor het hele gezin

In onze tenten is er genoeg ruimte voor het hele gezin. Al is het heerlijk om de hele dag te genieten van het buitenleven, je kunt je altijd even terugtrekken naar binnen. Er is genoeg leefruimte om je vrij te kunnen bewegen. Daarnaast heb je genoeg opbergruimte voor al je spullen, in tegenstelling tot een klein tentje. Je hoeft niet meer te leven uit je koffer met je kleren door heel de tent. Zelfs voor je eten is er ruimte om dit in de koelkast te bewaren. Wat wil je nog meer?

5. Lovely country living

The best thing about the camping is by far the outdoor living. Although our decorated Villatents are much like small houses, you are still in the open air where you can hear the birds sing though the tent tarp. To increase the sense of living outside, you can fully open the front of the tent. However, you can also choose to just unzip the ‘door’. At your Villatent’s terrace, you can relax in the comfortable lounge seats with cushions, and have a bite to eat at the large table with wooden benches. With each Villatent, an Outdoor-chef barbecue and a hammock are included… If that doesn’t top off your holiday…

Has the above evoked your enthusiasm, and would you also like to hire a decorated Villatent?