Mom, it looks just like a castle!

Mom, it looks just like a castle!

‘Mom, it’s just like a castle!’, was the first response of our eldest daughter of 4, when on June 18 we arrived at our Villatent at campsite Le Coin Tranquille. Well, we can indeed say that during our stay here, we felt like kings of our castle!

Tag & Win contest

Early this year, Villatent organised a Tag & Win contest via Facebook. The winner was Anne Huisman. What Villatent did not know, was that more candidates with the name Anne Huisman had participated. Villatent’s response was very generous. It also offered us to stay a week in one of their tents, free of charge. And because this year we were able to go on holiday prior to the high season, we booked a Villatent Luxe with sanitary XL for two weeks at Le Coin Tranquille in the Isère, located at one of the extensions of the French Alps.

More than complete

Over the years, we have quite regularly spent our holidays in safari tents. Our tent from Villatent, however, exceeded all expectations. Beautiful, clean and spacious. For the first time, we had brought too many things with us. All these items were unnecessary because the tent’s inventory was more than complete. When arriving at the field where the four Villatents were situated, we saw that two other tents were also occupied. This was especially nice for our daughters, who could make some new friends and have a good time with them. Furthermore, the tarp attached to the tent was very useful for creating shade, and also gave some privacy.

Le Coin Tranquille

The campsite has a very spacious set-up, and everywhere you look you see green and flowers. It is a real family business where you see the same faces every day. And although we were staying in a Villatent Luxe with sanitary XL, occasionally you may also have to use the campsite’s bathrooms. They too were kept really clean. Except for French, the staff at the reception also speaks good English. And this year, a new swimming pool was opened with a removable roof. It stays closed when the weather is poor, and it opens when it is warm. In our case, it was open every day! The old deeper pool was still being renovated when we were there, but it has been opened since.


Maximum enjoyment!

There is plenty to do and to see in this region. We visited the wild animal park in the neighbouring village, we went to Grenoble, to Chambéry, and to various smaller towns in the vicinity. Almost all these places have a big supermarket, and are fairly close to the campsite. We thoroughly enjoyed our week in a Villatent at Campsite Le Coin Tranquille. It was fantastic to camp in so much luxury. We can recommend it to everyone!

Villatent, thank you so much for the wonderful week!
Anne Huisman