Our Villatent vacation prize

  1. Our Villatent vacation prize

Our Villatent vacation prize

Saturday June 2 was the day: the Villatent vacation that we had won was about to start. In april, I had been tagged in the Tag & Win contest on Facebook. Together with thousands of others, we had a shot at winning a week’s stay in a Villatent Luxe with sanitary all for free, so I gladly took the opportunity to participate. At the end of April, I received notice that we had been chosen: how lucky!

The drive to Camping De Papillon in Denekamp in the Twente region was 1.5 hours. After attending dance classes, which still had to be done first, we were set to go. With a car full of toys and clothing, we went on our way. The weather forecast was good and we were looking forward to it. When arriving at the campsite, we were received very kindly. Our first impression of the campsite was good: peacefully situated and fully focussed on children.

Everything was taken care of

Upon our arrival, we were very surprised. Of course, we had looked at the photographs and videos on the website, but sometimes these places can be disappointing when you are actually there. Well, that was certainly not the case here! What a beautiful, spacious, and luxurious Villatent. Everything was included and taken care of. The children happily ran off to the playground (at De Papillon, each area has its own playground), and my husband was gladly surprised to discover the barbecue. And when I looked in the cupboards, I realised that I could have easily brought more food supplies, so much storage room … I did not manage to get all those cupboards filled 😉. After unpacking, we were able to relax comfortably in the lounge seats and the hammock. Already at that point, our holiday was a complete success!

This was truly the most beautiful and luxurious accommodation we’ve ever had!

To be sure, we had reserved a heater (which we got for free). That was very nice, since in the early season, the nights can still be quite cold. Having this heater, however, it was no problem. In the morning, we could step straight into our own shower without having to walk across the campsite with our toothbrush and other items. This was very pleasant. Over the years, we have spent our holidays in various accommodations, but this Villatent was by far the best and most luxurious setting of all.

We fully enjoyed ourselves

Because we stayed at De Papillon outside the regular holidays, there were not yet so many children at the campsite. Our girls, however, were not bored for a minute. The campsite has a swimming pool that is always open when the weather is good. Furthermore, there are a water playground and a playing pond with a ‘sand beach’ and a cableway. At the campsite, we hired bicycles to explore the area, and we did a lot of cycling. And around the corner from the campsite, there is a farm where they sell home-made ice cream, which can be highly recommended.

As far as we are concerned, Villatent is an absolute must! But beware, you may not want anything else anymore after this…

We thoroughly enjoyed our week in a Villatent at Campsite De Papillon. Whereas normally we are always keen on going back home again after our holiday, this time none of us wanted to go home. Our youngest daughter of three even wanted to stay forever. It was simply delightful to camp with so much luxury. As far as we are concerned, Villatent is an absolute must! But beware, you may not want anything else anymore after this…

Villatent, thank you for the wonderful week and great service!
Kind regards, Anne Huisman

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