Active & adventurous

Active & adventurous

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Campsites for active & adventurous campers

Do you like to be active and adventurous on holiday? So do we! And as far as we are concerned, such an active and adventurous holiday does not have to be accompanied by a primitive stay. Because after an active day, it's great to be able to sleep in a luxury safari tent instead of having to dive on an air mattress, isn't it? Glamping and an active holiday go hand in hand. In the overview you will find the best locations to make your holiday a success. Italy, France, Spain or the Netherlands, in all of these countries you will find the perfect place to organize your active and adventurous holiday. 

Which active and adventurous activities would you like to undertake?

An active and adventurous holiday can of course take many different forms. Do you like to fill the days with rafting, climbing, water sports, mountain biking, hiking or maybe a combination of all these activities? At Villatent you have come to the right place! Some campsites take care of these activities themselves, at other campsites you can contact a specialized organization in the vicinity.

The perfect locations for your holiday full of sports

At Villatent we have several locations where you can experience your favourite water sport to the fullest. For example in Camping Case dei Prati on the island of Elba, where you can rent a surfboard, sailboat or motorboat or go to the sailing and diving school. Another type of sport can be found at the French campsite River. The surroundings of this campsite are perfect for rafting, mountain biking, horse riding, gliding and abseiling. Depending on the location, each campsite has its own possibilities for an active and adventurous holiday. Are you looking for a certain type of activity? We are happy to help you find the campsite that suits your needs.

Relax after an active day in a Villatent

What could be nicer than retreating to your own luxury Villatent after an active day? At Villatent we make sure that you have all the comforts you need on holiday. Take a nap in the lovely hammock or take a seat in the comfortable lounge chairs. Most Villatents have their own bathroom, so you don't have to leave the house for the necessary shower! And your well-deserved meal can also be easily made in your own kitchen or on your Outdoor Chef's gas barbecue. And to wake up fit again for a new day full of adventure, there are lovely beds available.

Book your active and adventurous holiday today!

In short, active and adventurous are two words that go perfectly with a holiday in a luxury villa tent. In the overview you can easily find your preferred campsite. For example, select the type of Villatent you want to stay in or the travel distance from Utrecht. You can also combine the active and adventurous theme with other themes, so you can find the location that suits you perfectly. Found the right campsite? Book today to be sure of your spot! Questions about booking, our campsites or other matters? Contact us for more information or tailored advice!